With JCurve app, it is very easy to integrate with Langify.

Simply, go to your JCurve dashboard>Integrations and select the Langify app to connect.

Here are some likely Langify issues and their solutions:

1. I cannot see the translations.

In order to make the translation work, you will simply need to enable/connect the integration as shown in the above screenshots. In case you still cannot see the translation after integrating and setting up the translation app, please reach out to the Langify support team.

2. Where can I modify the translation?

The translation can be modified directly from Langify app. For more details on how you can do that, you can reach out to the Langify support team.

3. Can I use multi-currency?

JCurve mobile app only supports language translation. MULTI-CURRENCY is not supported by JCurve mobile app.

4. I want to reflect the selected language to the mobile app.

You can publish the selected languages on both Langify and Shopify. To publish and set the same languages on Shopify, please go to Shopify Dashboard > Settings > Store Languages. You can see those languages only after making these two publications.

Note: Langify integration is supported from Power Plan.

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