If you already have an app and want to switch the app service without losing your customers. You may want to publish your new JCurve app as an update to your existing app so that you don't lose your existing customers.

To update the existing app, we'll need the following details from your previous app builder:

Here are the required files/details to Update the Existing App:

  • Keystore File (Real file)

  • Keystore File Password

  • Key Alias Name

  • Key Password

Once we have these details we will be able to replace your old app with the JCurve mobile app.

To be able to publish the update with the existing upload key, you need to share the information about the private upload key.

You may have a question about why these details are needed?
You can refer to this page to get the details and know about the process that why these details are needed.

Feel free to reach us if you have any questions. :)

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