The BEST WAY to check if your payment gateway is supported by the mobile app is to try a test order from JCurve Preview App.

JCurve mobile app supports all payment options that are set up on the checkout page of your Shopify Online Store. So the payment options available on the checkout page of your Shopify Online Store will work on your mobile app.

Make sure to have a check on your app's checkout before going live. And in case of any assistance/issue, simply contact the JCurve support team.

*As the custom third-party payments are not supported on JCurve mobile app, make sure you are not using any "CUSTOM PAYMENT GATEWAY" for your Shopify store otherwise, you won't be able to receive any payments.

Here are the popular payment providers that will be available on your JCurve mobile app:

Amazon Pay






Shop Pay

Apple Pay

If the country where your business operates is not supported by Shopify Payments, then review the list of other payment gateways that Shopify supports.
You can refer to this page to find out what other payment providers are supported in your country.

Feel free to reach us if you have any questions. :)

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