What is a push notification?

Push notification serves as a direct form of communication that allows direct customer engagements. A push notification is an alert that pops up on a mobile device, like a little text message! You can use it to promote a special sale, new product, or even a little reminder to come check the mobile app!

How does a push notification work?

Our JCurve mobile app allows you to send push notifications in real-time. Once the user gives permission to receive push notifications, they will begin to receive alerts even when they don't have the mobile app open!

When the user taps on the notification, it will either take them to the mobile app's main page or directly to a specific page in your app. You can also send flash sales, brand new collection promotion, and abandoned cart recovery through deep linking! Push notifications are available across all iOS and Android devices.

All JCurve users have access to unlimited number of push notifications, as well as animated and scheduled push notifications from growth pricing plan!

If you have more questions about push notifications, contact our JCurve team or check out these related articles:

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