Want to integrate Stamped.io on your mobile app? No problem! Follow the following instructions, one by one!

1. Go to the Shopify admin dashboard

2. Click "Apps" and select Stamped.io Reviews & UGC

3. Click on "Settings" at the left bottom of the page

4. Navigate to "API Keys" listed under "INTEGRATIONS"

5. Copy "API Key Public" & "Store Hash" by clicking the Copy button on the right
These two value will be used below. so please use some note to keep two values.

6. Go to JCurve dashboard, click "Integration", and select Stamped.io

7. Click "Connect" or "Update"

8. Enter the copied "API Key Public" & "Store Hash" in the each respective area.

8. Enable the integration by clicking "Connect"

You're all done! Once you have completed all of these steps, our team will take it over from here to integrate Stamped.io to your JCurve app.

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This integration starts to function after we release an update for your app if you launched the mobile app already.

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