The neat thing about using JCurve's mobile app design editor is that you do not need any prior experience in design or UX/UI. All you need to do is drag and drop! So there is no need to fear. Follow along and we'll show you how you can navigate through the design editor.

The middle section displays what your mobile app will look like. You can drag any block from the left section and drop it in the middle to add to your app! You can choose various collection blocks of different styles and sizes. You can also add a collection banner to display all the collections your store has. You can also create a special promo message for special deals and events!

The right section has bunch of design features that you can play with. You can set the primary color and accent color that fits your store's theme. You can also play with the cart design as well!

You can edit your menu content as well. Move the order of the tabs and add any collection, webpage, social media, or chat feature as you like!

Watch this video for a full, comprehensive tour of JCurve mobile app design editor!

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