Facebook integration is a vital part of marketing and collecting data of your shop. Facebook integration is available for Power plan and above, so if you are considering signing up or already part of Power plan, this is a great feature to have!

This article will guide you one step at a time so that you can integrate Facebook smoothly.

To set up your Facebook integration, you need to go over a few Facebook app settings. It's very simple. All you have to do is invite us to your Facebook developer setting. Go through each of the following steps.

1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and log in (If you already have Facebook integration installed on your website, you can skip to step number 6)

2. Select MY APPS on the top right corner

3. Click on Create App

4. Choose from the options (we are going with the first option)

5. Fill in your shop name, contact email, and choose the first option for app purpose. Then click on Create App ID.

6. The App ID at the top bar is unique to your store. Click on Settings > Basic

7. Scroll through the page and fill in all the necessary information. Remember that the privacy policy URL and category are mandatory.

8. Once you have filled out your information, scroll down and click + Add Platform

9. Choose iOS

10. Fill in your Bundle ID and your iPhone Store ID. An iPhone Store ID is a series of number at the end of your app's App Store link. For example, if your App Store link is https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jcurve/id1449221904, "1449221904" is your Store ID. Click + Add Platform once you have completed this stage.

11. Choose Android

12. Fill out your Google Play Package Name: this is an Android equivalent of your Bundle ID. And also copy your Key hashes. Click Save Changes.

13. Go to Dashboard > Scroll down to Analytics > Click Set Up

14. You're almost there! Click on the little toggle next to In development to switch it to live status!

You're done integrating Facebook for your app and all good to go! Reach out to us any time if you're experiencing trouble in this process 😊

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