App Listing Information is a very important section where you will fill out vital information about your app. Since it is so crucial, Apple and Google take a careful look at individual pieces of information that you filled out in order to make sure they are good to go. So we recommend filling out each of the section carefully and with much thought 😊

Here's a guide to App Listing Information.

First, click on 'MY APPS' and it will take you to STEP 1. App Store Listing.

App Title: This is the name of your app and what people will mostly use to search your app on the App Store/Google Play Store. It is important to choose an app name that is simple, yet memorable. We recommend using a name that corresponds with your online shop, especially if you have a huge number of web users. Also, make sure that the name is unique and exclusive for Apple does not allow two or more apps with identical title.

App Subtitle: This is a short description or a phrase that will show underneath your app title. You can use this to briefly describe and explain a bit more of what your app is about. Avoid using general terms that could apply to a lot of other apps but, instead, use keywords that emphasize unique qualities of your store.

App Store Categories: You can choose two major categories that capture your app. So if your app encompasses multiple products and areas of interest, it'll give you more options to choose from.

Keywords: This is another important section as keywords determine where your app will show up in the search results. Make sure your keywords are carefully and accurately chosen, so that your app is more easily discovered.

Please keep in mind that the character limit is 100. Type in the keyword and press enter.

Avoid the following scenarios as it may suggest improper use of keywords. These scenarios could be reason for launching rejection:

  • unauthorized use of trademarked terms, celebrity names, and other protected words and phrases

  • terms that are irrelevant to the app

  • competing for app names

  • use of inappropriate, offensive, or objectionable terms

App Store Description: This is a place where you can fully describe your app and promote it. You have 4000 character limit. We suggest that you use concise but significant words/phrasing to fully capture what your app is presenting and how people can relate to the contents.

We believe the first sentence is the most important part of this description, as it's the first thing people will see before having to press "more". So make your first sentence engaging and memorable!

App Icon: This is the square image that visually represents your app. It's the icon that pops up on the App Store/Google Play Store as well as on the phone wall display. Since this is a visual identity of your shop, you can use the existing logo of your shop or generate a new one by using app icon generators or Canva.

The recommended dimension for app icon is 1,024 x 1,024 pixels. The minimum size is 500 x 500 pixels, so try to stay above those dimensions.

Launch Screen: This is the vertical loading screen that first pops up when you open the app. You can make one with your shop logo in the middle or choose a different display as your launch screen.

The required dimension is 1,125x2,436 pixels.

Privacy Policy URL: Insert your privacy policy URL of your store website.

If you do not have a privacy policy, read this article to guide you on how to make a privacy policy.

Support URL: This link is to inform your users how to reach you if they have questions or need help. If you don't have a specific page for support service, you can also link the "Contact us" page from your website.

Marketing URL: This section is for marketing information about your store. If you don't have a specific page for marketing purposes, you can simply put your website link.

Lastly, the app listing guide will show you a visual representation of where each of these information will be displayed on the App Store.

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