Use this checklist as a guide to help you on your app launching process! Complete each step at a time for a smooth, easy launching process.


1. Open JCurve app on your desktop (Skip to step 2 if you're already on the JCurve app)

2. Design Your App

First, you need to design your app and fill it with content!

Check out this article that explains how to use our mobile app builder:
A Quick Intro to JCurve Mobile App Design Editor

If you need any help with your design or simply want a second opinion, you can also reach out to our design team! They can start or edit your design based on your shop.

3. Download Preview App

Once you've designed your app, we strongly recommend that you download a preview app to see what the app will actually look like on a mobile device!

First, download "JCurve" from App Store/Google Play Store. Then, click the "Preview" button at the top right corner. Send the link to yourself or scan the QR code to receive your preview app.

This is a great chance to test out your payment gateway and make sure they are working. If you are planning on publishing your app in a different language, you can also see what your app will look like with the language translation.

Click on the following buttons to download the preview app:



4. Step 1: Fill Out App Listing Information

Go to MY APPS tab and fill out all the necessary information on the first step: App Listing Information.

Here is a brief summary of all the components of App Listing Information:

How to Fill Out App Listing Information

This is an important section where you will fill out crucial information about your app. Any possible changes you may like to make to any of these information may result in an update review process. So we recommend filling out this section carefully :)

Check out this article about changes that require an update review process:

Making Changes And Alterations To Your App

5. Integration Guide

Integrations such as Facebook and Google Analytics are available on Power plan and above. We recommend getting started on getting started on integrations early so that we can assist you better through our service.

Please refer to the collection of articles below to find information on various integrations:


6. Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs!

If you haven't subscribed to a plan yet, this is where you'll make that exciting decision! Click on the "Upgrade Plan" button at the top right corner to view our subscription options.

Check out this brief article on our payment plans:

JCurve Payment Plan

As it mentions in the article, our team will start building your app once you've completed this step.

7. Step 2: Developer Account

Step 2 of MY APPS is developer account. Please indicate whether or not you have an Apple developer account and Google Play developer account.

If you have a developer account and have indicated so, you'll be directed to the next page on which you'll follow instruction to invite as admin. This way, our team will have access to publish your app.

Here's more information:

How Do I Connect My Developer Account?

If you don't have a developer account, we strongly recommend that you create one for app maintenance purposes.
Here's how you can create an Apple/Google developer account:

How To Create A Google Play Developer Account

How To Create An Apple Developer Account?

8. Step 3: Application Status

The next page will indicate the status of your app building process. This is where you'll be able to see realtime where in the process your app is currently. If you have any specific questions on ETA or the process status, feel free to message us through the chat!

This is the page where you can also install a Smart App Banner to inform web users about your mobile app!

Want to know what a Smart App Banner is?

We provide Smart App Banners for our customers!

You're all done! Once you have completed all the steps, our team will work very hard to publish and submit your app to review. We'll let you know once the app is launched! In the meantime, you can follow along on your application status to see where in the process your app is at.

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