If you are planning to have a discount or holiday sale, there's a way to promote it only through a mobile app. This is an awesome way to drive traffic to your app and encourage your shop users to download your app!

  1. Create a discount code on your Shopify shop. You can set up the code, discount type, value, and more all on this page! Once you're done, press save.

2. Go to your mobile app builder. On the left, you will find a block to enter your promo code along with a marketing message for the discount!

3. Once you save your information, it will display as one of your blocks. If you really want to, you can create a discount banner and enter it in one of our custom made banner blocks.

You're all set up! You can direct your shop users to the discount code either through a custom made banner on your website or a newsletter or even a push notification!

Please keep in mind that the discount itself cannot be exclusive to mobile app users.

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