After eagerly waiting for your app to finally launch, you receive a message saying that it is ready and published! However, no matter how hard you search for it on the App Store your app is nowhere to be seen... What happened?

Roll-out Process

Once Apple and Google decide to publish your app, it goes through a roll-out process. This process is to ensure that your app is launched globally in different countries, and it may take up to 48 hours for your app to pop up on the search.

When your app is ready, our team will notify you with a direct store url attached. If you want to see what your store looks like, you can follow the link and download your app without searching for it!

Google Play Store Search Engine

If your app is not showing up even after the roll-out process, understanding how Google Play Store search engine works will give you a better idea of why you're experiencing trouble searching for your app.

Google Play Store search system takes into account the app title and the app description. Because Google Play Store does not require exclusive titles, it's vital that you fill out the app description in detail. Try including your app title in there as much as you can! That'll definitely help your app appear on the top!

App Store Search Engine

App Store, unlike Google, requires that every app has an exclusive title that is unique. So it is more likely that your app will appear on the top if you type in your exact app title. But we also recommend including your app title among the app keyword area to increase the chances that your app will appear top on the search!

Hope this answered your questions! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us!

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