Want to make changes to your app? Here are some useful info we thought you would like to know before making alterations to your app!

You will see these new adjustments immediately (in 15min after change):

  1. Anything that you decide to change within the “DESIGN” tab on mobile app builder

  2. Internal design of the app, such as custom banners, colors, edit menu, etc.

  3. Any updates on your products or collections

Items that will not reflect the adjustments right away: “App Store Listing” items
It required "app re-publishing" which takes 7-10 days.

  1. Anything that is listed under App Store Listing such as app title, app store description, app icon, etc.

  2. Items that fall under this category take longer for the changes to be displayed because the App Store and Google Play Store require these information to be published again and reviewed every time the contents change.

  3. Once the changes and edits are submitted to JCurve, the entire process will usually take at least a week for the changes to be displayed.

  4. We strongly recommend that you look over your submission carefully when filling out App Store Listing information 😊

Note: After app launch, if you want to change anything under app store listing, you will need to contact us to get the "Edit Featured" enabled. When we get your request, jcurve team would make it editable again.

Feel free to reach us if you have any further questions.

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