If you already have your own Apple or Google Developer account, you’re welcomed to use that account to publish your app! Do you wish to transition into JCurve services with an already existing app? No problem! Here’s a quick and easy guide to connecting your account with JCurve!

First, go to JCurve - Mobile App Builder in the left menu bar on Shopify. Once you have done that, click on a tab called “MY APPS” in the top horizontal menu. This will take you through various necessary steps in order to publish your app. The first step is App Listing in which you can fill out information about your app. Save and move to the next page.

The second step is where you will connect your Developer account with your app. First indicate your Developer account status. If you don’t have a Developer account and would like to use JCurve’s account, you can indicate so and save your answer. Now you’re all set!

If you do have a Developer account for either one or both of the Stores, indicate so and click “Save & Next”. On the next page, follow the instructions to invite jay@jcurve.xyz to your account. This is important because, this way, JCurve can have access to your app to publish it. You need to click on the external link and sign into your iTunes Connect or Android Developer account (or both) to invite us.

Once the invitation is completed, you’re all good to go!

Here is a video demonstration of what this process looks like:

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