A. If you have your own company Apple developer account, your app page will be displayed as below. Although it is not required, we strongly recommend creating your own company account for better branding and management, especially if you are a Shopify plus merchant or have a big customer-base.

To make your company Apple & Google developer account, you need to submit payment to Apple & Google (not Jcurve). But we assure you that it is worth the investment!

If you want to create a company developer account, please let your manager know.

The shop manager will help you open up your own developer account (it can take a few days for the process to be completed according to Apple & Google).

B. If you do not have a company developer account & would like to use JCurve's developer account to save cost, your app page will be displayed as below with our developer account. "MichinExpressKorea Inc" is the JCurve developer account name. But don't worry! The customers download the app based on the app title and logo, rather than by the developer account name. So "MichinExpressKorea Inc" being shown should not affect the customers downloading & searching up your app!

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