Ever wonder how your mobile app gets launched and what you need to do? We'll walk you through the launch process one by one. So follow along!

What you need to do:

You can start designing your app with JCurve Mobile App Builder on Shopify. With our mobile app builder, the designing process is super easy for you to manage!

Here are some tutorial videos to guide you on how to design your app:

Don't forget to download the preview app. You can see how your app looks like realtime.

iOS : https://apple.co/2DONQ8r
Android : https://bit.ly/2WXMHG1

Ta-da! You are finished! Once you're done designing, you can just sit back and relax and let JCurve take care of the rest!

What JCurve does:

We have a team of top engineers who develop and work on publishing your app. After building your app, our QA team will test it to make sure the app is running smoothly.

One of JCurve's job is to integrate your app to the App store and Google Play Store. Once your app is ready to be launched, we are going to submit your app for a review by Apple and Google. This is a quick process and usually only takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Once the app is approved, it is ready to go live!

Now you can watch your app thrive, view the number of visitors increase, and send them push notifications for more information about your products!

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