You have just launched your mobile app, all fresh and nice! Now what?

Now we need to let your users know so that they can download the app! Smart App Banner is a quick and effective way not only to inform your customers of the new shop platform but also to increase user download.

What is a Smart App Banner?

Smart App Banner is a feature that invites your web visitors to use your app. This simple feature largely improves users’ browsing experience by smoothly promoting the corresponding app of your website!

How to install "Smart App Banner"?

The banner will appear at the top of the webpage to inform the users of your app. With the banner placed at the top, the users can still enjoy uninterrupted web content while also having the option to access the app! They can either choose to download the app or click the close button to no longer see the promotion.

If the user already has the app installed on the device, tapping on the banner will immediately open the app while preserving the user’s context from the website. If the app is not installed on the user’s device, tapping on the banner will lead to the App Store. Once the app is installed on the device, the “View” button will change to “Open” that will lead the users to the app. (Safari Browser only)

Take a look at the demo video below to see how it works!

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