You can easily make/edit your menu on JCurve app. Here how:

There are multiple menu types:

1. Collection
In the collection menu, you can link all your collections at once or even can add a single collection or group of collections:

If you want to make multi-level menu, use "Add group".

2. Social Media:
In the social media menu, you can add your social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat by just adding a profile link:

3. Chat:
In the chat menu, you can link WhatsApp and Facebook Chats by adding WhatApp number and Facebook username:

- Whatsapp : Enter phone number including international code.
ex) +12345678901

- Facebook : Enter facebook username

ex) jcurve_shopify_partner

4. WebPage:
In this menu you can link Shopify pages or can add web links:

To add Shopify page:

To Add web link:

You can even edit the menus created:
Simply click on Edit Menu>Pencil Icon:

In the Edit menu option, you can even change the menu's image or name. or, can also delete or change the order.

Check our video above for the tutorial and let us know if you have any questions. :)

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