After install the app as sales channel, you might not see your collections & products on JCurve. Don't worry. By definition of sales channel on the shopify, you need  to select which products & collections can be on sales channel (= jcurve mobile app)

There is one last thing left to start your mobile app design.

To select  the collections and products on JCurve , please ensure the products and collections are marked as available with 'JCurve' sales channel on your Shopify Admin Panel.  

  1. Move To Admin  > click "Products" Menu  > select "All products"
  2. Select(Check) products that you want to show on mobile app >  Edit products  > Add fields
  3. On Attribution section, you can click "Availability - JCurve"
  4. Check all  Availability - JCurve 
  5. If you have many products, you need to do on all products. (Please save first and wait for confirmation popup before moving to another pages)
  6. If you finish it, click "Products" Menu  > select "Collections"
  7. Repeat 2~5 
  8. Done ! You can see selected products & collections on JCurve.

[How to Video]

If you feel hard to do this step, don't worry. Please contact us. We will help as soon as possible. 

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